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We strive to provide compassionate healthcare to everyday people. We know that day-to-day life with a lingering injury or cognative condition can be hard. Especially if you’ve spent your recovery battling with ineffective treatments.
Armed with cutting edge treatment technology, our certified healthcare processionals will stand behind you and your recovery, every step of the way.

A few words from our founder:

Through my career as a fighter pilot, I developed severe whiplash due to the frequent high G-force flights, requiring physical therapy. It quickly became apparent to me that physical therapy itself presents some major flaws, and the only other alternative of surgery came with relatively high risks of paralysis. Upon realizing that this was the reality many people have faced for years, I knew that this process needed a change. That solution stemmed from my experience with VR flight simulations. 

I took my experience with VR and adapted it to physical therapy. VR turned my surroundings into the ideal recovery space, while at the same time connecting my movements to a powerful computer, generating the real data that physical therapy had always lacked. This meshing of virtual reality and physical therapy is what finally reduced the effect that my injury had on my life – and it became XRHealth. 

Through the help of countless clinical professionals, we have expanded XRHealth, developing innovative treatments for a variety of different conditions, from pain management to stroke rehabilitation. Our goal is to provide you with the most accessible and effective recovery possible. If you’re suffering from any of our treatable conditions, and your recovery has fallen short, I personally invite you to try a more effective alternative in XRHealth. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you find recovery.

Eran Orr
Founder & CEO of XRHealth
Eran XRHealth
Dr. Avni-Baron

Dr. Avni-Barron
Head of Clinical Affairs, XRHealth
Asst. Professor, Harvard Medical School

As a clinician, I strive to be there for my patients even when they’re not here with me in my office. At XRHealth, we have found a way to do just that: give a virtual hand to help patients help themselves in the fight against stress, anxiety,pain, memory decline, hot flashes and various other issues. Each and every fun and easy to use app was designed with input from medical professionals with your challenges in mind and is prescribed by a clinician dedicated to you. 
At XRHealth, we virtually help patients help themselves.


About Dr. Avni-Barron

Dr. Avni-Barron is an asst. professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School with extensive experience in psychosomatic medicine, which focuses on the interaction between body and mind. Between 2006 & 2013, she was the founding and acting director of mental health services at the Brigham and Women’s Fish Center for Women’s Health.

Why choose virtual reality?

Traditionally, physical and cognative therapy has relied on a lot of guess work. It’s difficult for your therapist to know if you’ve been doing your exercises consistently, or even correctly. A lot of assumptions are made, and your recovery suffers because of it.

Getting precise data used to involve spending thousands in a hospital surrounded by sensitive machinery – but virtual reality hanged that. Now we have designed fun games that mimic traditional therapies, and give us exact movement data, breathing patterns, and more. Our healthcare professionals can make informed, data-driven decisions like never before.

Curious about medical virtual reality?

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A huge hello from the XRHealth crew! We are the faces that make up this amazing platform.
We work hard every day, doing our very best to make sure XRHealth clinicians and patients get the most out of their virtual reality telehealth.
We’re very proud to be bringing healthcare to those who need it most, and we’re thankful for your support.

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