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Frequently Asked Questions


Step 1: Sign-up. Get paired with your matched healthcare professional.

Step 2: Live-video appointment to discuss symptoms & goals

Step 3: Get your VR Telehealth Kit

Step 4: Get recovering! Receive periodic guidance and video chats from your healthcare professional.

You can use your telehealth kit wherever you’re comfortable. Your headset is wireless and does not require a computer. 

Like all healthcare, costs vary depending on your symptoms and treatments. However, we can proudly say that XRHealth is fully covered by most health insurance plans. We also deal with your insurance provider directly, so you can focus on your recovery.

Once you sign up and speak with your matched healthcare professional, we will ship your personalized telehealth kit right to your door. Shipping is free.


If you suffer from upper back, neck, or shoulder pain, stress, respiratory issues, TBI, memory decline, neurological issues, or even hot flashes, chances are that XRHealth can help.

Your initial appointment with your matched healthcare professional will also determine whether XRHealth can help you.

Aside from being completely remote, XRHealth uses technology to assist your recovery like never before. Our applications are designed to not only guide, but measure your movements. This has never been possible with traditional recovery and gives your matched healthcare professional actionable data.


Also, it’s fun! The problem with traditional therapy is that it is neglected. With XRHealth, you’ll be stopping yourself from using it too often.

As you use your VR Telehealth Kit, your matched healthcare professional will keep reviewing your progress, and contact you with adjustments and guidance. Throughout the month you can also set up video calls to ask questions you may have, and get in-depth reports of your recovery.

Our treatments are a mix of real and virtual environments, games, and exercises that are designed to be fun and effective. You might explore a forest, swing a sword, or swing your virtual fists.

We are licensed to provide our service anywhere in the United States.


No problem. Our Virtual Reality Telehealth Kit comes ready to use. No wires or computers. Each VR treatment also has easy to follow tutorials, and don’t forget, you have your matched healthcare professional to guide you.

We provide all of our patients with a compatible, easy-to-use headset. 

If we shipped you a headset, then yes. This is one way we keep costs as low as possible. Return shipping costs are on us.

The probability of any patients experiencing side effects while using our medical VR technology is very low.

XRHealth compatible headsets are Pico Neo II, Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, and HTC Vive Focus.

What does XR mean?

XR stands for Extended Reality, which includes Augmented Reality (AR) (overlaying virtual objects onto the physical world), Virtual Reality (VR) (fully rendered virtual environments), and Mixed Reality (MR) (some combination of both AR and VR).

What if I, my clinicians, or my customers are not tech-savvy? Will we have trouble using this system?

Anyone who can operate a smartphone or tablet can operate a VR system. We have worked hard to make sure that our applications are as user-friendly as possible. That said, we also guarantee any additional support you may need to take advantage of your subscription.

Can I use XRHealth Applications at home?

XRHealth has Medical and Wellness applications that can be used by patients at home.

What is the difference between Oculus Go and Oculus Quest?

Oculus Go is a 3 Degrees of Freedom (3-DoF) VR headset, meaning it can only be used in a stationary position (sitting, standing or lying down).

Oculus Quest is a 6 Degrees of Freedom (6-DoF) VR headset, which enables full motion tracking and handheld controller motion – in other words, it allows you to move around freely.

What advantages does VR technology offer?

Virtual Reality (VR) is a fully immersive and fully trackable digital experience. The immersive-nature of virtual reality can be utilized to either engage and excite a patient or calm and relax them, depending on the particular set of needs in a given scenario. Because VR technology allows full data tracking, it is finally possible to quantify and measure every meaningful metric in every session.

Are there any possible side effects of VR technology?

The probability of any patients experiencing side effects while using VR technology is quite low. We encourage you to read the terms and conditions associated with Oculus VR headsets.

What kind of Virtual Reality Headsets are compatible with the VRHealth platform?

Our applications and services are compatible with the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go headsets.

XRHealth Platform

What does tablet control mean?

To support the applications we have developed for VR headsets, we have also developed companion software for tablets that can allow clinicians to maintain control over a patient’s VR experience. All of the VR application functionality is accessible and customizable through the tablet using the companion software. In addition, the tablet screen can “mirror” the perspective within the VR headset, showing the clinician what the patient sees in real-time.

What is the setup process? Will I receive any help I need?

The setup process can be completed in two simple steps:

1) Set up the hardware using the Oculus step-by-step installation process.

2) Download the XRHealth software.

XRHealth offers onboarding documents for all of our various applications, as well as a step-by-step tutorial in our data portal.

How do you define a session?

A session on the VRHealth platform is defined by any instance of training or distraction. For example, patients can perform a  training session in one of our training applications, or watch a video in our media portal. In either case, they will have completed a session.

What kind of data do your applications collect?

Our applications collect all performance data, which includes training details and history, kinematic results (range of motion, smoothness of motion, etc.), and cognitive results (response time and memory span).

Which applications will I be able to access with a software subscription?

With a subscription to VRHealth, you will be able to access ALL of the VRHealth applications that have been developed for the hardware you own. Feel free to take a look at hardware compatibility on the VR Applications page.


How do I sanitize the headset between patients?

  1. Wipe down the headset with a hospital-grade disinfectant wipe immediately after each patient use. All inner and outer surfaces of the headset should be wiped, including all plastic portions. Allow the headset to dry.
  2. Place a disposable surgical cap on patients head prior to putting on the headset to insure that the straps of the headset do not come in direct contact with patient. Discard the cap after each patient use.
  3. If headphones are used during the procedure, ensure that a headphone cover is used or that the surgical cap is covering the patient’s ears. Discard the headphone cover after each patient use. Use a hospital-grade disinfectant to wipe down the plastic portions of the headphones immediately after patient use.

What do you mean by “Medical software”?

Our applications have been classified as FDA Registered Medical Devices. This means that they deliver conventional therapeutic exercise treatment protocols by administering gamified exercises in Virtual Reality (VR) environments. During these exercises, our software monitors movement and delivers valuable data and insights to the patient and/or clinicians.

Are you performing clinical studies?

XRHealth is currently performing multiple clinical studies in some of the top hospitals in the US.


Do you sell or distribute in my country?

XRHealth currently distributes it’s wellness applications in the USA, Europe, Australia and Israel.

XRHealth’s medical application are distributed according to their regulatory approval in the applicable jurisdiction, currently in the USA and Israel.

Do I have to buy hardware from XRHealth?

XRHealth offers a “one-stop shop” experience for your convenience. This means that you can buy everything you need from us, including hardware and software, but you are by no means required to do so. If you already own VR hardware or would prefer to obtain it in another way, we are happy to offer the software subscription independent of any hardware purchases. However, please be sure to review software compatibility on the VR Applications page.

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